We incubate, advise & invest in disruptive, innovative blockchain technology solutions.

Global go-to-market strategies and scaling solutions for early stage startups, leveraging the blockchain.

TGE Ventures

A pioneering blockchain-focused VC firm, incubating and investing in innovative blockchain companies. We scale early-stage ventures, offering expertise in disruptive technology product-market-fit and accelerated growth. From inception to TGE, we're your comprehensive partner for blockchain innovation and investment.

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As a blockchain-focused VC firm, we're driven by the quest for revolutionary projects and technologies that redefine decentralization's potential. Positioned on the innovation frontier, we empower emerging disruptors, propelling the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.



We conduct advanced research to unearth paradigm-shifting ventures and technology that will reshape the decentralised economy. By diving into the forefront of blockchain and decentralised finance, we fuel visionary entrepreneurs and foster ecosystem-wide growth.



In the dynamic blockchain sector, astute investments are essential. We strategically back promising ventures with disruptive potential, ensuring our leadership in innovation and substantial returns for stakeholders.






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Industries we invest in

We strategically invest in industries that are at the forefront of transformation, forging new pathways for growth and disruption.

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Blockchain: Redefining Trust

Our blockchain investments redefine trust through decentralised, transparent systems, revolutionising industries at their core.

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Infrastructure: Empowering Innovation

Infrastructure investments forge revolutionary efficiency for technology solutions to curate seamless innovation.

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Digital Identity: Revolutionising Data

'DID' Investments will contribute towards the reshaping of how 8Bn+ people manage their biometric footprint.

Our founders

Together with our esteemed partners, TGE Ventures forms a dynamic ecosystem that becomes an extension of your team to propel your innovative startup and drive the evolution of blockchain technology, and beyond.